Ice Queens

These beautiful courageous women you are about to see are our 2019 Breathless Reveries Boudoir Photography Muses.

A Muse is someone who inspires. These women inspire me. They inspire me to do better, to be better, to love more, to share my talents.

Each Muse is different but they are also very much the same. They each bring something different to the business and to the table.

I'm going to introduce each one to you. I hope that you are just as inspired by them as I am.

How often is it that you get to work with some of your very best friends?? I am BEYOND blessed.


This woman.... she is a wife, a mama to three beautiful babes, a student. She is studying cosmetology and has a huge interest in Special Effects makeup. She is legitimately one of the kindest human beings I have ever met in my life. She glows. She has a beautiful face and an even more beautiful spirit. I am so proud to call her one of my Muses! I love you babe <3


This redheaded beauty brings sass and a bubbly personality to the group. She is just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. She is our gym rat. She loves cross fit. She is a wife, a fur mama and an all around animal lover. She is one of the sweetest women you will EVER meet. I am so grateful that she came into my life and that I now have her as a Muse! XOXO


This babe is yorkie obsessed. She is a girlfriend and a fur mama. She is a surgical technologist and a jeep freak. She is a huge advocate for T1D. She is an empowerer of women. She is a powerful force and we are so blessed to have her.


She is one of our newest Muses, selected after the submission process. Her session came in December, but she was such a positive energy force that we knew right away we HAD to have her. She is a wife and a mama. She is an animal lover with a tortoise and some bulldogs all her own. She is also passionate about being a local volunteer firefighter! We are SO happy to have her!! XOXO


She is our newest Muse and an addition that we ABSOLUTLY HAD TO HAVE after her session in January. We knew she could bring SO much to the table. She perfectly filled the void that we were missing. With her stories and her kind heart, she is such a blessing to us. She is a wife and a mama to two teenage sons. She is a fur mama and also yorkie obsessed. She is an inked and pierced babe. She is sweet, sassy and a little badassy all rolled into one. To say she is a perfect fit is an understatement. <3


THIS CHICK (she'll appreciate that) is ONE OF A KIND. Literally, there is no one else even remotely close to being like her in this entire world. She is sweet and full of vinegar. She is kind and a no nonsense kind of woman. She is an animal LOVER and saves them every chance she gets. She is inked and pierced and absolutely beautiful. She is travel obsessed. My gypsy. A little hippie and a little hood. She is a proponent of the green movement ;) XOXO

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