Something is Coming

I am going to preface this blog by saying that I DO NOT DO HORROR IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.

Jessie approached me in the fall and asked if I had ever done a horror shoot.... GULP. Nope. Never have. Never had any intention of doing it. She expressed her interest in a snow horror Boudoir shoot. EEEK. Okay, I agreed, because Jessie is a goddess and I knew the images would be dope.

The day of her session came and it was FREEZING COLD. I mean we were only able to shoot for a little over 30 minutes before her skin started mottling. THAT COLD. Add the facts that she was mostly nude and covered in faux blood... we were all worried about hypothermia.

That being said, she completely rocked the session and I could not have been happier about the images.

Thank you, as always, for giving me the opportunity to expand my horizons and challenge myself.


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