A True Gem

Naomie was referred to me by a mutual friend. When we first talked, she was interested in booking a session (thanks J)!! Then 2, then 3, then FOUR boudoir sessions. To say that I was TERRIFIED for her first session is an understatement. My normal anxiety peaked. All I could think about was what would happen if she didn't like me? What if she hated the experience? What if she wasn't happy with me work? Then she would have all these sessions scheduled that she didnt want with a person she didnt like.... WHOA!

She came for her session and it was amazing. Naomie is vivacious, beautiful and kind. The kind of person who's personality just pulls you in. Her outer beauty, while immense, is challenged by her incredible inner beauty. Her posing was flawless. She emitted an amazing energy and power. It was powerful to be around.

Since her session, we have spoken almost daily. At this point, I cannot imagine my days without her. I am grateful to have found a new and wonderful friend.

Thank you, Naomie, for being such a powerful and uplifting presence in my life.


PS: Enjoy her gallery <3

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