Day of the Gypsies - Fall Edition

I am a child

of the Moon

being raised by the sun

in a world walked by stars

and a sky drawn by flowers.

- Zara Ventris

Renee was the perfect example of a moon child for our Day of the Gypsies - Fall Edition Boudoir Mini Sessions. I'm honestly not sure if we could have searched out to find someone better suited for this kind of session. You could tell she was comfortable in nature and certainly added to it's beauty.

She dances to the

songs in her head,

speaks with the

rhythm of her

heart and loves

from the depths of

her soul.

- Dean Jackson

If our Renee was a perfect example of a Moon child, there could be no better example of a goddess of the Sun than Rachel. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, she oozed gentle, graceful sexuality. She had a serene sense about her in nature and ruled her session as the Sun rules it's sky.

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