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You are all the colors at once, at full brightness

This little family is absolutely adorable.

I did family portraits for them last year and at the end of the year ran a competition to see which images were the most popular, this image of the little boy won the whole thing!

This image won his Mama a free family sesh in 2018.

Katlyn knew she didn't want your run of the mill, average family session. She wanted something different. Something fun. I threw out the idea for a paint splatter session and she LOVED it.

The day of the session came and the weather was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT (which is odd for us this Summer/Fall). It was seriously the most beautiful day. We arrived at our location and Katlyn brought out the paint. Landen could barely contain himself through the pre paint images because he was SO excited! "We throw paint now?" FINALLY, we could tell him, YES buddy, NOW we can throw paint!

He absolutely loved it! And as you can see, he got some pretty good shots in on Bub. They laughed and threw paint, ran around, painted each other and their B L K letters to take home. Katlyn got a crazy shot on Bub -- right. in. the. face. Sorry, Bub!

Even after she hit him in the face with the paint, Bub still took the time to draw a heart on Katlyn's back. <3 <3

We finished out the evening with some painted up family and couple images. They are seriously the cutest little family <3

I hope you've enjoyed this adorable gallery! I am always up for creating unique sessions for clients! If you are interested in booking head over to the contact page or call us at 814-470-2709.


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