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Every Summer, like Roses, Childhood Returns

Ohhhh buddy. If you even knew what this kiddo and I have been through together... I always go into it KNOWING that this sweet boy is gonna make me work for it. EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. OF. IT. So Mama Jodie and I were like, okay, he's cheezing for the camera. CHECK! Okay, I'm bringing lots of toys and snacks. CHECK! We were 100% prepared but still a little skeptical.

LET ME TELL YOU WHAT... this kid surprised us all and KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK. He played and laughed and had an amazing time and I captured it. True childhood. True happiness. Getting dirty. Playing with rocks. Playing in bubbles. Eating lollies. Throwing rocks in the water and splashing his Mama and I. It was ALL worth it. Just to see him so sublimely happy and enjoying himself as much as he was. All worth it. I absolutely LOVED every second of photographing him. I cannot wait for his next session!

Enjoy these portraits. I hope they remind you of your childhood <3

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