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There are So Many Beautiful Reasons to be Happy

My bestfriend has been trying to get family pictures done for over a year. Not just family; extended family. Her mom and dad, her sister and her family + Case and her family. We FINALLY got it scheduled and done. Everyone was there and it worked out beautifully. With 5 little boys we were definitely kept on our toes. Casey was so EXCITED to have pictures of her mom and dad together. I know this session meant so damn much to her & I couldn't wait to edit and deliver their images. I'm 100% sure that her family thought I was crazy, with my wacky prompts and weird poses. But that kind of craziness makes for the BEST portraits. And isn't having fun in a field, enjoying "nature" better than standing stiffly posing and faking some cheesy smile? I'd say it definitely is.

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