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If I Know What Love Is, It's Because of You

This session was a LONG time in the making. Ashly won this session by participating in a contest last fall, late fall. We originally scheduled in I think, November. It ended up being one of the COLDEST days of the year... Of course. I think it was 15 degree WITHOUT the bitter wind chill. Obviously with all the babes, that just didn't work out. We all went out, gave it a shot, but it just didn't work and we couldn't keep the babes out any longer.

We rescheduled for April, thinking, Oh, it'll be decent by then. Well it was supposed to be but as the week wore on, the temperature kept dropping. I'm pretty sure it was only in the high 50's the day of the session with CRAZY wind. We couldn't decide if it was Ashly's luck or mine but we pushed on anyway.

Ashly wanted an extended family session. Her Mama, her sister and herself + her sister's babes and her half brother and sister. She also gave me the sad news that her and her sister's dad had passed away unexpectedly this winter and wanted to have some portraits with them holding his picture. Done!

We got the session done and the images are beautiful. I cannot wait to work with this family again... when it's WARM!

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