Boudoir Mini Sessions

Boudoir --- ahhhhh! I live for Boudoir Sessions. Empowering women. Showing them they are sexy. Bringing out something they thought they had lost OR worse, didn't think they had at all. Boudoir sessions may start out as gifts for significant others on occasion but trust me, by the end of the session, you realize it is ALL FOR YOU!


I've known this beautiful sass pot for YEARS. She is just as sexy as she is sassy. She went no makeup and mostly no clothes. She wanted to showcase the REAL her. Because, let's be honest, the girl is pretty damn perfect EXACTLY the way she is. She 100% ROCKED her session!


Mara was nervous at first, so we started out slow with easy, less revealing, less "sexy" poses until she got comfortable. But MAN, when she got comfortable & it didn't take long, she knocked it out of the park. She is crazy gorgeous, posed easily and if you didn't know any better you would think she was a pro at this. Wowza girl.


Possibly one of my favorite repeat clients and people EVER. She is SO FREAKING SWEET. Nervous as hell. I'm talking shaking hands, palm sweat kind of nervous. Only till we got into the session, then she OWNED it. Absolutely stunning, as usual.


FIERY. ASS. REDHEAD. She wanted to do this session as a birthday gift for her husband but I'm pretty sure she LOVED it for HER. We had a blast during her session. Tattooes, freckles and red hair.... HEAVEN. Absolutely gorgeous. Have I mentioned I LOVE my job?

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