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Spring Mini Sessions

I am happy to say that I hosted another successful day of Spring Mini Sessions this year. Families and Mamas and their babes filled my day. Most of the sessions were some of my amazing repeat clients but I did get to meet one amazing family. They have an amazing story that I cannot wait to share with you!


Emily & Greyson

Okay, these two are ADORABLE. I first met them around Christmas time when Emily booked a Holiday Mini Session. She is the absolute sweetest person ever and did I mention GORGEOUS? A baby Greyson, okay, not baby, but he is so stinkin adorable himself. I am so glad I get to capture all their sweet moments together. I cannot wait for their next session because honestly, their love and energy, makes my day!


Krystal Vinnie Landon Laila

This sweet family I met when I did Krystal's maternity portraits when she was pregnant with Laila. We've been apart for FAR TOO LONG. I almost forgot how freaking adorable her and Vinnie are together. Literally, heart stopping kinda love with these two. Their babes are no different. Landon is SO handsome and he just adores his baby sister and sweet Laila... oh man, she is so beautiful! I am SO happy I got to work with this super sweet and beautiful family again. Their love for each other and their children seriously warms my heart.


The Pentland Family

Oh, where do I even begin to describe this kind and wonderful family? They have been through so much and they are still so powerful, so kind, so thoughtful, so strong. Samantha and Don have been blessed with 4 beautiful children; three here on earth and one sweet angel babe in Heaven.

You see, Samantha got pregnant, TWINS! Twin girls! They quickly found that she was gaining more weight than was normal, her belly grew quickly. Then the answer to all the questions came, too much amniotic fluid. Twin to twin transfusion. One babe had all the fluid, while the other had very little. (If you don't know about Twin to Twin transfusion in utero, take some time to look it up. There are different kinds but all are problematic.)

Samantha went into early labor with the girls. She was essentially bounced from one hospital to another, without much assistance or hope. Finally, they made the trip to John's Hopkins. She was there without her support system. Without her husband, her children, family or friends. Her labor symptoms slowed and they considered sending her home. The day she was going to go home to be with her husband and two other children, she went into labor. The girls were coming; she was 23 weeks pregnant... with twins. The doctor told her a C-section would be best, to get the girls out quickly and without too much stress on them. It was such a blessing that they did because Samantha's placenta tore. They could have lost both the girls. The girls were born and were named Madi & Maci. Madi is here with us today. She was a micro premie, so she still has a long journey ahead of her but with the amazing support and love from her parents, I have no doubt that she will meet and surpass all obstacles put before her. Baby Maci gained her wings. She now flies with the butterflies, with the angels. Watching over her parents, older siblings and most importantly her sister Madi.

I consider myself extremely blessed to have met and gotten to know the Pentlands. I am so excited to watch Madi grow and to watch the family continue to honor Maci's memory.

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