She's Fire & Ice - You'll Fear the Cold & Crave the Burn

Nora was nervous. Really nervous about her session. Super excited & super nervous. This is such a common thing. "I'm nervous. Nervous about being naked or mostly naked in front of a stranger." I do my best to ease those fears and nerves before the session, so going into it you feel comfortable with me. That is my ultimate goal. That you feel comfortable, confident and sexy. This is not a fake it till you make it situation. This is a OWN IT, ROCK IT kind of situation.

*I'm going to stop to give a shameless shout out to my killer MUA Taylor. She ALWAYS does her best to ease my clients nerves, even before I arrive. She told Nora, "Once Chelsey gets here, you won't be nervous at all." That means so much. I could not ask for a better partner in this industry!*

So, we're getting Nora ready for her session. Looking at her outfits, talking about poses. I told her to choose the outfit she feels most confident in (I always start there) and I always start with "easy" poses. Not too sexy or sensual. Demure, comfortable. She instantly took to posing. She didn't need much instruction. Honestly, she probably could've done it with me (LOL!). As nervous as she said she was, you would have never known it if you were in that room. She owned every second of her session. Any pose I thought of, she was game for it. She owned her inhibitions and didn't let them own her. That is SO important for Boudoir to be successful.

People probably don't believe me when I say I think EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL. But oh my gosh I do. Women are such amazing creatures. Nora is definitely one of the most beautiful women I've ever met and photographed. She has this sweet sexiness about her that can't be put into words. And OH MY GOSH her HAIR!!! Since I can't but Nora's beauty into words, its only fitting that I, a Boudoir photographer, put it into images. Her beauty is certainly something to behold.


If you are interested in booking a session for yourself (and you SHOULD) please contact myself or one of my AMAZING Muses; Ariana Snook, Blake Brown, Casey Cartwright, Hayley Campbell, Kacandra Daniels, Taylor Breon + Taylor Boyd

Client: Nora Smith

MUA: Taylor McKenzie MUA

Location: Holiday Inn Express of State College

Wardrobe: Victoria's Secret &

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