I know my worth - I paid dearly for every ounce of it

I had this crazy idea. Snow. Boudoir. Right? Yeah, I know. Snow is cold. In Boudoir, you are barely dressed. I get it. Like I said, CRAZY idea!

Well, I had one client who was into my crazy idea (thankfully)! She totally rolled with it and ROCKED her session.

Blake told me she was awkward. That she had NO IDEA how to pose. Mind you, this girl rocks a SERIOUS selfie. I didn't believe her, not even for a minute. I knew she had it in her and she proved me right! (I love being right) ;) She told me after we put the cape on her that she HATES red and that she feels like she never looks good in it. PUHA! This Blonde Bombshell rocked that red like no one else. Seriously left me star struck by her beauty and fire. She is fierce as anything and totally knows how to own a session.

Its inside all of you ladies. Each and every one of you have this fire, this power. Its there and it is WONDERFUL. I absolutely love, that it is my job to bring this fire out of women. To show them that they have it. To show them how to harness it. To feel amazing in their skin.

I love my job & each and every one of you that allows me to capture your beauty!

Now, check out my favs from Blake's epic Snow Boudoir <3

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