Bad Girl Boudoir

When I asked Ariana what kind of vibe she wanted her session to have, she said "I don't know, probably bad girl." Then I met her in person and she is such a sweetheart! Who says bad girls can't be sweet, right? We ran with the bad girl vibe and she SLAYED her in home session!

Her room was filled with tapestries, twinkle lights and all around awesomeness which just added to the rad feel of her portraits. She needed so little prompting it was crazy and she totally rolled with all my ideas, no questions asked.

Ariana totally embodies sexiness and body positivity. She is so comfortable with herself and in front of the camera. She has a love for her body that is truly amazing and HONESTLY refreshing in todays world where such massive pressures are put on women to be "perfect." (Whatever perfect means)

Check out some of my favs from the sesh!

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