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"Be with someone who takes care of you. Not materialistically but takes care of your soul, your

I have known Whitney for a few years. I worked with her Mama before I left the nursing profession to pursue my photography business. I always thought she was such a beautiful kind hearted person.

I met Lukas while doing a family shoot for Whitney's mom's birthday. He seemed totally smitten by Whitney. They were so sweet together and radiated happiness and love. It was really cool.

So, when Whitney & Lukas decided to book me for Engagement Portraits, I was ecstatic! They spent the session smiling and laughing and playing in the snow. (Did I mention they drove over an hour to get to the tree farm we used?)

It was truly the sweetest session & the images show their true love for one another. Congratulations, on your Engagement, Whitney & Lukas! I cannot wait to photography your wedding and see where life takes the two of you.

Here's a little bit of Whitney & Lukas's love story - as told by Whitney

"Little did I know that the boy sitting in front of me for the last four months was going to be the love of my life. Every day was the same as I walked into Ms. Delahunty's physical geography class. I was always the second person to class and he was always already there in his seat, ready to learn. I never saw his face but everyday I heard his corny jokes to his friend beside him and I rolled my eyes while silently laughing to myself. I still remember the first time I saw his smile. I was later to class than usual and someone had taken my seat. I noticed his friend wasn't there and the class was pretty full by this time so I asked to sit next to him. Finally, I learned that this mystery man with the corny jokes had a name and it was Lukas. I have to say that this day was a rough one for me. I woke up late, my hair was a mess and unbrushed, I was in sweats and I was wearing my glasses, but he made me smile nonetheless. When I came in the following week, my hair was curled and I was wearing a nice outfit. I remember the look he gave me. I can actually say he did a double take. Lukas looked at me and asked me what my name was again. That was the first time I truly looked into those beautiful blue eyes and "Whitney" was all I said. By the next class he had remembered that I liked white hot chocolate and so he passed me his phone number and made his move. "Maybe I can take you out to get hot chocolate sometime." And that was all she wrote.."

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