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The Power of Boudoir

I believe in the Power of Boudoir Photography. Yes, you heard that right. I believe there is Power in owning your sexuality and femininity as a woman. Owning those things in the body you have and learning to love that body make magic.

As little girls, we are taught (either directly or indirectly), that our bodies, our faces, our skin, our clothes, our accessories - all need to be perfect. You shouldn't be "too skinny." You definitely shouldn't be "too fat." We see Barbies and models and actresses. All extensively airbrushed, shaped and photo shopped to be the PERFECT example of what a woman should be. I bought into this notion. You have to be curvy but not heavy to be beautiful. You should have long thin but muscular legs, a round firm butt, wide hips, a tiny waist, large full firm breasts, thin toned arms, a delicate neck and a perfectly done up face. - Please note - this is the version of perfect that I THOUGHT I needed to be.

For me, this lead to a lot of mental and emotional hardship. I wanted to be perfect. From the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I wanted to be perfect. Its a hard concept right? Well, if you think its a hard concept to grasp, its even harder to achieve. Excessive working out, Anorexia, Bulimia, diet pills, supplements, contouring my face DAILY (I'm a stay at home mom when not photoging) have been staples in my life since I was a teen. Unfortunately, so have depression and anxiety. I also tend to eat my feelings (and I love food), so after working super hard to lose weight, I would gain it right back. Very frustrating.

Then, one day it dawned on me. What if, instead of striving to achieve the "Perfect Body," I strive to achieve a healthy, happy body and soul? AHA! There is was. So easy right? Well, kinda. To achieve this type of self love, we as women, need to break down the stereotypes. Break away from the traditional examples of the "Perfect Woman" and find beauty within ourselves. This is where Boudoir comes into play.

I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tell women that I think every woman should have a Boudoir Session done at least once in their lifetime. It is such a freeing experience. No seriously. It is. Ask any of the beautiful women I have photographed in a supremely vulnerable state. I believe (well, deeply HOPE!) that they would tell you, having a Boudoir Session done helped them to see themselves in a completely different way. I always tell my clients, please do not go into this session thinking that you will look like someone else. Please do not hide what you perceive to be your flaws. Please do not ask me to do it. In the world of Photoshop, it is all too easy to change your shape and hide your imperfections. But see, to me, that's where your beauty and power come from. When you own those imperfections, those flaws, those things that society has taught you make you "not good enough" - that's Beauty. That's Confidence. That's Sexy. That's Feminine.

I PREACH self love to my clients. I preach confidence and body positivity. I preach building other women up. I reject tearing other women down, ESPECIALLY for the sake of building ourselves up. If everyday, in one way or another, you were kind to just ONE WOMAN and that ONE WOMAN was kind, to ONE other WOMAN, can you even imagine the love and confidence that would grow from that?

Are you ready to own your flaws? Are you ready to face your imperfections head on and tell them that you appreciate them because they are what make you, you? Are you ready to showcase your perfect feminine beauty and sexuality? Let me help! I will hold you hand while you laugh, or cry or scream or whatever it takes for you to love your body, your skin, that you own. I think that's what Boudoir is about. Creating your own standard of beauty and sexuality, sharing body positivity. Honoring each other as women, as mothers, as sisters, as cousins, as humans. Capturing images of you at your most vulnerable state and saying, "Ya know what, I absolutely LOVE the way I look in this image. To Hell with society's standards of beauty. THIS IS WHAT BEAUTY LOOKS LIKE! It looks like ME!"

Interested in a Boudoir Session? Contact me.

Boudoir to me is all about the experience. Each portrait session is carefully crafted and customized to make you feel confident, empowered and sexy. Boudoir should be comfortable and intimate. There is something so raw, vulnerable and powerful about a woman owning her sexuality and femininity. I cannot wait to share this experience with you!

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